Song of the Week

“I’ll Be Missing You”

By Sophia Kinne Sometimes music fits into delightful little boxes- helpful for searching, explaining, and referencing. Compared to What? can be categorized by its covers, and Eye Know can be discussed in terms of sampling. Some songs are just boggling, though, and it can be very hard to reference them in terms of musical mechanics such as… Continue reading “I’ll Be Missing You”

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Allegiance: A Musical about Resentment, Resistance, and Remembrance

Last week, the Hop screened a live performance of the new musical, Allegiance, featuring George Takei. In addition to attending this performance at the Loew Auditorium, Paddock Student Worker, Betty Kim, created a list of resources for further research on the topic of Japanese Internment and music for Paddock.

Song of the Week

“We Shall Overcome”

Last month, Paddock Music Library and East Wheelock House hosted a series of sing-ins, teaching music from the civil rights movement. Tyné Freeman ’17 led each song, singing and playing piano. Faculty, staff, students, and community members sang along, regardless of their own races and religions. That doesn’t mean, however, that there was no conversation about the role of race, religion, or other matters of identity…


Diddley Bow Blues

One of Paddock’s student workers, along with the Music Library Supervisor, recently made a trip across the hallway from Paddock to the Dartmouth Woodworking Shop to make diddley bows. /ˈdid-lē ˌbō/                        a home-made zither consisting of a single string tensioned between two nails on a board. The inspiration for making these instruments came while curating… Continue reading Diddley Bow Blues